Vegetable Juices and Smoothies are a fast way of insuring the intake of important minerals and vitamins straight from the raw vegetables.

When you are eating whole foods your body needs to separate the fibre (which doesn’t contain nutrients) and the juice (where all the nutrients are). This process takes time, and if your digestion isn’t very efficient or you’re not chewing your food well, you won’t be getting all the nutrients from the food you are eating.


Check out some of the best ingredients to put in your juicer and why:


Cucumber – contains plant sterols (reduces cholesterol)  

Apple – contains phytochemicals and flavonals (boost immune system)

Kale – contains vitamins K and C (eye health and healthy heart)

Mango – rich in tartaric acid (main alkali reserve)

Beetroot – high in nitrate (reduces the amount of oxygen required by muscles – increased endurance)

Ginger – aids digestion and respiratory systems

Orange – good source of folate and vitamin C (production of new cells and boosts immune system)

Pear – high in vitamin C (helps to absorb iron for blood health and energy levels)

Carrot – rich vitamin A, B and C, Calcium and Potassium (helps digestion and liver functioning

Kiwi – neutralise free radicals (bone health and digestion health)

Pineapple – very high in bromelain (helps ease inflammation, arteritis and physical activities)

Passion Fruit – rich in Potassium (helps regulate heart rate and blood pressure)

Peach – rich in phenols (antioxidants) (fights diabetes and cardiovascular diseases)

Spinach – good source of iron, folate and lutein (energy and healthy heart)

Mint – contains rosmarinic (antioxidants) (relieving seasonal allergy symptoms)    

October 30, 2023 — Chisom Onwukwe

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