Double Cleansing

Everyone knows the adage that to keep your skin looking well you have to cleanse tone and moisturise every day. However, have you heard of double cleansing? At first you might think why would anyone want to cleanse their face twice but when you look at the logic behind it, it all makes sense!

Living in this busy modern world we tend to use makeup daily, and if not full makeup then we certainly use moisturisers and often some level of sun cream. Most of us work in built up areas where pollution is prevalent. Sometimes we work in air conditioned offices. This can lead to a build of debris on our faces. In particular, we can accumulate oil based debris on our skin which cannot be washed or cleansed off in a single go.

Consider too how we often use long lasting makeup which is great when it lasts all day but also proves a sticking point when it comes to removal.

To counteract this problem Dermalogica has come up with its amazing PreCleanse product. It is made with plant oils and is fortified with olive oil and kukui oils. It is able to melt the oil based debris, creating a milky emulsion which can then be removed with a damp facecloth to create a more intense, more professional and more thorough level of clean.


First of all remove any eye makeup and lipstick with PreCleanse on a damp cotton pad. Move the pad gently over the eye area so as not to drag the delicate skin.

Then pour a generous amount onto your dry hands and lightly massage so the cleanser is over both hands.

Now begin with your neck and using light sweeping movements apply the cleanser across your neck working the precleanse upwards all the time.  Moving to your face, use your finger tips to circle your cheeks and forehead, paying attention to the hairline. Then rotate your fingertips over your nose and nostrils, softening the skin at the edges of the nose.

When your face and neck are evenly coated with the PreCleanse, wet your hands and massage gently your neck and face. The addition of water will create a milky emulsion. You can remove this with a damp facecloth. 

Then select your preferred Dermalogica Cleanser for your skin type and cleanse as normal. The difference will be apparent immediately- squeaky clean skin!

And that is how your double cleanse your skin – Why not give it a go? We promise you will be delighted with the results!

October 30, 2023 — Chisom Onwukwe

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