On Sunday the hubby, the kids and I set off on an adventure. An adventure to County Wicklow… Rathwood to be exact. We were invited to ride on the Easter train, meet the Easter bunny and do lots lots more.

It’s about a fifty minutes drive from Naas to Rathwood which is not too bad. The idea was for the kids to have their lunch in the car and Chloe going for her usual nap. But that morning she actually slept in and decided not to have a nap at all (She napped on the way home instead).  Our slot was booked for 1.40pm. We had to be there twenty minutes in advanced. We were actually on time for once. I was surprised how busy it was. The day before we had gorgeous weather but Sunday was cloudy, yet still warm and niceish. The sun peaked out at some point. At least it wasn’t raining.

As well as the Easter event, Rathwood is a massive garden centre. I could spend the day there looking at all the bits. There are a lot of decorations, home and kitchen stuff. Something I need since we moved into our new home. Thankfully we have another garden centre close by though.

Once parked, we checked in and handed over our tickets. We didn’t have to wait long until we went into the room where everyone met for their Easter experience. Our guide arrived. (I am terrible with names, so can’t remember her name) She brought us into the next room to create some bunny glasses which came in a handy little pack. Matthew didn’t want to do it so I did it for him. He tried them on though… along with a pair of yellow bunny ears.

After that the exciting part of the day arrive for Matthew. (Chloe wasn’t too impressed about). We finally got to go on the Easter train. I took a little video which you can see at the end of this post. Matthew loved it. Our guide took us on a mission to find the golden egg. We passed “Goose Island” where we found the golden egg in a little hut.

Next it leaded us to a shed. There was a big green area full of Easter eggs. Every child grabbed a bucket and picked up a few. When I say a few, some kids were taking the mick out of “a few”. They had the whole bucket full to the top. So Matthew only got two. That’s the only negative point I have to mention. You’d think some parents would tell them to put them back. Matthew was happy enough though as he picked up his favourite colour which was a blue egg and a pink one for Chloe.

In the shed Matthew poured his eggs into the teleporter that will change them into golden eggs. He then got to colour in an Easter egg. His favourite activity to do. He is so funny with the tongue out when he is trying to concentrate. When we were finished we had to put the name of our child and the parents email address on the back as there was a surprise to be won. We didn’t win.

Shortly after our train came back to collect us and bring us back to the main centre to meet the Easter bunny. He was sitting in a small house with his basket of golden Easter eggs that he handed out to the children. Matthew went over to collect his and we got our picture taken with the Easter bunny. He didn’t want to go on his own. I suppose the bunnies whiskers looked a bit funny.

Back in the main hall Matthew digged into his big Easter egg. He is the best big brother because he shared half of it with his little sister which was completely his choice. Meanwhile daddy went off to get us grown ups a hot dog and there might have been also a Nutella crepe in there somewhere. I shared some of it with the kids.

Matthew spotted a carousel on the other side so he wanted to go on it with daddy. (It’s €2 if anyone is wondering) I was surprised he actually wanted to ride on it. Me and Chloe watched them.

Overall we had a great afternoon. Chloe might have been stuck to us most of the time but this event is very enjoyable for any kids from the age of three or four. Tickets are €10 per child and €6 per adult. To me that is a very reasonable price if you think about it what you get from it. It also includes a free hot chocolate for every child. The event is still running until April 16th and is selling out fast.


To watch the video click here

October 30, 2023 — Chisom Onwukwe

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