While all the fuss is rightly focused on the children receiving their first communion, the day itself poses a bit of a dilemma for mothers and other female members of the family. It is easy for Dad – he just wears his suit and maybe spruces it up with a new tie or none at all, but for women it is much more nuanced.

For starters First Communions take place during the day so smart is the key look. It is still only Spring so no bare legs please although bare arms may be okay. Putting together an outfit for the day is actually harder than choosing night wear. There is also the issue of matching bags and shoes – all very important.

Deirdre Minogue in Deirdre Minogue Fashions says:

We stock a great array of styles to suit any family member attending a first communion.

Dresses, jackets, shrugs and cardigans to suit any age or style.  Cardigans are fron a stunning colourful collection from Serbia - truly unique - great worn with dress or trousers.

Dresses range from the vintage look lace to more classic cotton styles - all with matching co-ordinates - well worth a look. We now stock some fair-trade brands which use natural fabrics and we know people involved in manufacture are treated fairly!


Our clothes are from a carefully chosen selection of European suppliers and our staff are delighted to help put that special outfit together. As we stock ranges from various European countries, it means we have wide range of sizes.  We also have scarves and jewellery for those all-important finishing touches.

October 30, 2023 — Chisom Onwukwe

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