October 15, 2017

This weekend, my husband, daughter and I were invited to Rathwood’s Halloween Pirate Adventure, where we were met with plenty of spooky scenes. We have been to other Rathwood Train events previously, so were really looking forward to our day.

On arrival, we checked-in at the pirate-themed booth where we then made our way through to waiting area, where our two year-old daughter enjoyed walking the plank with the other mini-pirate guests!

Our pirate-guide welcomed us and told us the tale of his adventures at sea leading to the sinking of his pirate ship. Following our story-telling, we then accompanied him on the famous Rathwood Train. Our little lady was a little wary of the pirate at the beginning, despite a week of practicing saying “walk the plank” and “ship ahoy”!

As we enjoyed the train ride around the forest area and watched Santa’s Reindeer in-training for the big day in December, she quickly came around and was joining in with the chants and songs along the journey.


We disembarked our carriage at the Crooked House where we met with Penelope the Pirate. We enjoyed a stroll through the forest and barn, back to our train. As we travelled, Captain Hook chased us, and the kids enjoyed shouting “go away”… as did the adults!

We then arrived at the main event on Treasure Island where the shipwreck was positioned. All the pirates boarded the ship where an interactive battle ensued. We enjoyed the show from our train carriage, as the pirates battled and interacted with us. The pirates were victorious in their efforts, to huge cheers from all the kids (and adults)!

With all our pirate-guides back on board, we cruised to the pumpkin patch, where each child picked their own pumpkin for carving. Our daughter chose the largest pumpkin she could find, of course! Thankfully Daddy was on hand to help her carry it to the carving station.

Here, It was time to get down to business. Anyone who knows us, knows how much we enjoy the Halloween festivities; we are no novices to pumpkin-carving! We got stuck in, using the tools provided, and created our own Mr. Pumpkin.

After all our hard work carving our pumpkin, we enjoyed a ride on the kids teacup funfair ride. Our little lady loved her spin as she waved at all the passers-by. We then made our way to the Rathwood Restaurant where we enjoyed a delicious lunch. The restaurant is very family friendly, with plenty high chairs available and colouring sheets to keep the little ones entertained. No trip to Rathwood is complete without a visit to the Rathwood playground. Our daughter loved the swings and slides which were plentiful to cater for all the children in attendance.


Following our lovely morning full of fun, we strolled through the amazing Christmas display in the Rathwood shopping area. With your Halloween Train Ticket, you are provided with a 20% discount off Christmas Stock and children’s clothes. Never one to shy away from a bargain, I picked up some gorgeous bits, including a garden sign to ensure Santa to calls to us in 10 weeks time.

October 30, 2023 — Chisom Onwukwe

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