Love Island, one of the most beloved reality shows is back on our screens at 9pm every night to help the new islanders find their other half. The villa this year is huge to accommodate the islanders and the producers did not back down on creating the perfect outdoor living space.  We have put together the perfect guide of items you need to have in order to recreate the perfect Love island villa.

Sun lounger

 This is an essential component of a summer tome garden as it is necessary for relaxing and catching as many rays as we can before the sun disappears again. It is important when selecting a sun lounger to pick one that suits your needs as there are cast aluminium loungers, loungers with wheels and rattan loungers.


This is a focal point in the love island episodes as it is where the drama unfolds and the “chats” are had. It seems to be where all the energy emerges as they all gather around it in most episodes.


Adding lighting to any outdoor spaces adds a welcoming aura to a space. The lights used in Love island are modern and aesthetically pleasing. Light can also be hung around the fence, trees, walkways or around little plants in the garden.

Day Bed or Egg Chair

A day bed is not especially necessary to include to your garden as it may look out of place in our climate BUT an eggchair will do the same job as the day bed by providing comfort and a space to lounge in and read a book or just chill out.

Colourful furniture

Colour brings a burst of energy and vibrance to any space and this is especially the case with the Love Island outdoor space. If you don’t think that a colourful set is your style, you can always purchase colourful cushions to add some colour to a plain set.

Other items you can include in your Love island space include a swing seat, hot tubs and tropical plants among other things to give your garden a tropical vibe.

October 31, 2023 — Chisom Onwukwe

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