Rattan is one of the most popular styles in garden furniture as it is stylish, modern and looks good in any home. As there are different styles it can difficult to select the right one for your space and budget.

All our rattan in Rathwood is made from PE rattan with powder coated aluminium frames. This rattan is the best type for our climate as it can withstand the weather conditions and is easy to move around. Natural rattan is not in our product range as the temperate oceanic climate will cause it to disintegrate. The powder coated aluminium frames which are used in our rattan are also rust free in comparison to poor substitutes such as steel.

Flat Weave

Flatweave rattan is a single, thin layer of material. It is often used because it is particularly lightweight. A flat weave cannot withhold as much weight due to the nature of the material. Most of the flat weave sets are woven around a cast aluminium frame. Styles in this weave include the RW Bari, Cuba and Havana.

Half Round Weave

Half round weave is a thicker, more three-dimensional shape. It is heavier in terms of the strength but also stronger than flat weave. This is our premium range of rattan furniture; its thicker weave means it’s much stronger than the flat weave. Examples of sets with a half rounded weave are the Oxford, Yale and Dumont.

Fully Rounded weave 

This is the strongest weave we have as it is double woven for extra strength and durability. It looks amazing on all our sets and the weaving styles gives them a luxurious look. Styles in this weave include the Sepino and Portofino.

If you have any more questions our friendly and helpful sales team are more than happy to help.

October 31, 2023 — Chisom Onwukwe

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