Before you purchase your artificial Christmas tree you first need to decide where you want to display the tree in your home so you can maximise the space available in width and height  - Will it be a centrepiece or in the corner? What furniture will be in the way or near the tree? As a general rule corners work best for displaying your Christmas tree but bare in mind any doorways near that the tree may obstruct. Luckily, we have put together a step by step guide which will help you to choose your perfect artificial Christmas tree. 

At Rathwood we would recommend that you purchase a tree that is at least 6 inches lower than your ceiling to allow for a tree topper. The height of the tree is measured inclusive of the metal tree stand. In terms of floor space, measure the approximate diameter of the space you plan to reserve for the Christmas tree. As you shop for a Christmas tree, look for the varieties that will fill your space.

The standard shape for all of our artificial Christmas trees is full-bodied, however, we also have slim bodied trees available which are designed to fit into smaller or tighter spaces. We also suggest that you take into consideration the diameter (width) of the tree, taking measurements from the widest point to ensure you have space for the tree to settle naturally.

Once you know where in your home you are displaying your Artificial Christmas Tree, the floor space and ceiling height, you are good to go shopping to select the perfect tree for your home.  At Rathwood we offer Artificial Christmas Trees in a large range of sizes as follows:

  • 6 & 6 1/2 foot: This height is the safest bet if you have not got round to measuring your ceiling height.  They are also ideal for smaller rooms and apartments as the diameter of the tree is not too wide and relative to the height of the tree.  

  • 7 & 7 1/2 foot: This height is the most popular for family homes and fits comfortably into any room. This height tree is large enough to create a visual impact in your room but not too large as to overtake the room.  

  • 8ft - 10ft: These trees require a large room/entrance hall and definitely create the ‘WOW’ factor in any home.  Remember to ensure you have the ceiling height for larger trees!

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There are many different foliage types and colour options for Artificial Christmas Trees and here at Rathwood, we aim to bring you only the most superior quality tree.  The best way to find out the foliage type is in the description of each individual tree and then select which option suits your needs best.

Tips: Generally, looking at the number of branch ‘tips’ on a tree will tell you how full a tree will look – the more tips, the fuller and more realistic the tree. However, it does depend on the type of real tree the artificial tree is designed to look like; some have sparse branches and will, therefore, have fewer tips.


Hinged Branches: Higher quality artificial Christmas trees feature hinged branches, which ensure the easy assembly and disassembly of the tree. An alternative is hooked branches where each individual branch will need to be hooked to the centre pole, and this takes longer to do. The hinged branches are pre-attached and simply slot together in large sections to the centre pole, and each branch can be rearranged for your desired look.


Material: Artificial Christmas trees are usually made of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) and Polyethylene (PE). PVC Christmas trees are made by twisting thin strips of PVC around a piece of wire, which creates different thicknesses for pine-like branches. PE Christmas trees are made by injection-moulding plastic, which makes the needles three-dimensional. This PE construction is much more realistic and the needles are softer. Many trees are constructed from a mix of both PE and PVC as it creates a fuller, more authentic look.

  • Our Nordic Pine Christmas Tree is the ideal traditional styled tree. This full-bodied tree with its lush, two-toned pine tips and branches and its elegant conical shape makes it the perfect backdrop.  The fullness and texture of this tree depict its true to life appearance.

  • Our Evergreen Full Christmas Tree is an artificial tree that gives the feel of the real thing thanks to its exceptional attention to detail. This full-bodied Christmas Tree is adorned with lovely rich green needles and warm light brown stems which mimics the shade of natural evergreens.

  • Our Frosted Alaskian Christmas Tree showcases a realistic tree with its conical shape, realistic texture and lush foliage.  This Christmas Tree comes with 2 different lightly frosted branches which are hinged to fold outwards for fast and easy setup.

  • Our Slim Scots Pine Christmas Tree is the ideal centrepiece for your living room with its tall slender shape and lush foliage, elegantly composed with realistic light brown stems and natural look needles.

  • Our Classic Pine Christmas Tree showcases all the attributes of a real tree, with its abundance of rich green needles, warm brown stems and desirable silhouette. Its lush foliage, texture and fullness all combine to create a true to life appearance.  Assembling and dismantling this tree is easy due to its hinged branches which also makes decorating them so simple.

  • Our Icelandic Christmas Tree exhibits all the classic charm of a traditional Christmas tree with its evenly placed hinged branches and realistic needles creating extra fullness and texture, This full-bodied Christmas tree offers a look of abundance, the pines will not crush or loose shape giving this tree its true to life appearance. You will not get a more natural looking tree!

  • Our Douglas Fir Christmas Tree is perfect for those who are looking for a realistic tree which is convenient and easy to decorate. The tree has one style of the branch with an abundance of rich green needles.

If we can assist you any further in purchasing your Perfect Artificial Christmas Tree please contact us here at Rathwood and we will be happy to help.  Here at Rathwood we wish you a Joyous & Peaceful Christmas & New Year and hope we have helped you to select the perfect Artificial Christmas Tree to celebrate with your loved ones.

October 31, 2023 — Chisom Onwukwe

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