Rathwood - Little Bo Peep train adventure

Hey dolls,
So over the midterm break myself and my family were invited up to Rathwood to enjoy a trip  on the Rathwood Express to help Little bo peep to find her sheep.

It begins with Little bo peep arriving in a panic as she has lost her sheep,and she invites the children to help her find her. His name is Seamus and he is a devil for going AWOL !!! We all board the Rathwood express and off we head through the woods.We needed to find Seamus before Mr Fox did,he also lives in the woods and if he found Seamus before we did then it was Goodnight Seamus!!!! The children's eyes were aglow while they peered through the trees looking for Seamus and Mr Fox. There were clues left along the way and songs were sung with gusto by all on board. My two were over the moon when little bo peep sat in our carriage with us and sang as loud as they could. (I bet she was glad she picked our carriage lol). Then we made a pit stop to check in on the baby lambs and help feed them....lots of ooohing and aaahhing and mummy can we get one!!!!

I swiftly ushered my two delights back on the train,minus a baby lamb thank Goodness and off we went again.

Excitement galore when Mr Fox was spotted darting through the trees and headed for the big pond. The excitement peaked when Seamus was spotted having a snooze by the pond,cue all the kids and some adults shouting to wake up poor Seamus!! Now i will say that Seamus was fine...turns out hes besties with Mr Fox so the kids were delighted. All the children helped Seamus and Mr Fox to feed the ducks before we left the pond. Seamus and Mr Fox joined us on the train for the return spin and lots more song singing took place. Each child on board was given a cute little lamb teddy which my little man takes to bed every night.It was a very enjoyable day out and something I would definitely recommend.

As we were there we had a look around Rathwood centre,they have everything from stunning high end furniture pieces for the bedroom or living room. They also do beautiful high end kitchens and have amazing crystal lighting for sale.They carry some boutique clothing lines and they even have a beauty salon.

Now we were hungry and armed with our vouchers for free cupcakes for the kiddies we headed for the restaurant. Man alive the desserts are unreal here. The choice is huge and the portions are even bigger. I opted for the marsbar cheesecake(for research of course),and omg it was divine.We didn't eat lunch here as we had stopped before we arrived but it looked and smelt delicious,and judging by all the empty plates it tasted delicious too.I have to mention also,everywhere i go i look for gluten free food as there's a coeliac in our family.Rathwood have an amazing choice of gluten free food so you will not go hungry here if you too are coeliac.

efore we left the children took to the outside playground for about 30 mins just before the rain arrived. There is also a huge maze here to explore but the weather turned bad so we retreated to the car and headed for home. The children were chatting the whole way home about Little bo peep,Seamus,Mr Fox,the lambs(that they really wanted!) and the fun they had which to me says it all really.

Thanks so much to Rathwood for having us and if you would like to book a spot on the upcoming Easter Train check out the site here
Till next time,
Clarie xx

October 30, 2023 — Chisom Onwukwe

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