Okay, maybe not your first wax but perhaps you had a bad experience before, or you felt uncomfortable or you just don’t like to think about the whole messy business of waxing. Well, welcome to the Beauty Boutique and Waxperts where we hope to change your opinion of waxing forever.

First of all, we are not into pain. If you have not attended a waxing salon in a while you might be forgiven for thinking waxing is all about the ‘ouch’. Or if you have never been waxed you hold the same view. Stop right now – we are experts in waxing and after many years of trying new products and the best techniques, we have found a product that works beautifully and that is Waxperts. Pain is kept to a minimum – this is one treatment you will enjoy rather than dread.

Of course, once you wax on a regular basis, the hair weakens and it becomes much easier. We recommend you wax every four to five weeks for best results. If your current form of hair removal is shaving or using depilatory creams then chances are the hair will be stronger. That means your first wax will be more uncomfortable – note uncomfortable not painful – but this discomfort only lasts seconds. And when you come for the second visit, it will be a much more pleasant experience.

Also, if you haven’t had a wax treatment before or it has been a while, you may feel a little nervous. That is perfectly natural – after all you will have to get semi naked in front of a therapist depending on what area is being waxed. Please do not worry. This is our job, we are used to bodies and hair. We have seen every different type in the course of our training and our many years of experience and all we want to ensure is that we do an excellent job and you have a treatment that suits you. So relax – you are in good hands.

Please note that waxing isn’t suitable for you if you have been using Retin A/ Ro-Accutane/ any medication which thins the skin within the last six months.

Waxing is also not suitable for you if you are sunburnt or have been using sunbeds in the last 24hours.


There are a couple of things you can do to make the treatment even more effective and hassle free:

A few days before – exfoliate the area you are waxing. Use a gentle loofah, or a brush, move your device in circular motions to remove dead skin and refresh the area. If using an exfoliating cream then chose one with natural bits, not microbeads as they adversely impact the environment and indeed are now banned in many countries.

Whether you have sensitive skin or not – do a patch test 24/48 hours in advance. Better to be safe than sorry.

If you are due your period – We offer all waxing at any time of the month but just a little tip that menstruating women tend to be more sensitive to pain.

The day of the waxing –Do not take any very hot showers or engage in any hot treatments such as saunas or steamrooms. Also try to avoid using moisturiser on the areas to be waxed.

Weird Fact – on the day of waxing do not take caffeine as that also has proven to make people more sensitive to stimuli.

Then you are ready to face your wax! At the Beauty Boutique we use strip wax on your legs and hot wax on every other area of the body. And just for the record a hot wax is also known as a hard wax or peelable wax. It does not require strips to take it off. It is heated to a comfortable temperature and applied to the skin over an oil before hardening. Once it is hard, the therapist simply peels it away leaving your skin hair free!

Next week we shall write about after care for your waxing to maintain your skin in tip top condition.

Happy Waxing 

October 30, 2023 — Chisom Onwukwe

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