It is commonly assumed that doing up your garden or outdoor space will cost a fortune but the truth is a transformation can occur without breaking the bank. We have put together a list of quick and affordable tips to transform your garden.

Grow and plant your own

The best way to create a thriving garden is to grown your own fruit, vegetable or plants. When these crops start to grow and bear fruit, your personal garden will save you money as well as providing you with fresh produce. Simple flowers such as daffodils and sunflowers can also be grown in the garden.

Shaping and repainting

Cutting your lawn regularly and keeping your hedges tidy is one of thee easiest ways to transform your garden. Painting the fences in your garden can also give this space a complete facelift  It can create a very fresh atmosphere in the garden. Most gardeners recommend the use of black as it creates a focal point and instant impact.


One of the most sustainable and cost effective ways to transform your garden is to upcycle and use old furniture as planters or garden displays. This gives the furniture a new life and purpose while also contributing to the new and improved garden. Container gardening can also be practiced as it is an easy and quirky way to upcycle and still grow plants.

Creating a cosy corner

After all that hard work it is only right to create a little haven in the garden where you can chill out and admire all the transformations in your garden. Investing in a swing seat, hanging chair or sun lounger might be the missing piece to your garden. Adding little finishing touches such as fairy lights or lanterns would really turn your garden from drab to glam.

October 31, 2023 — Chisom Onwukwe

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