1. Saves Space

A slim artificial Christmas tree will save space in your room of choice. It can be placed in smaller rooms in a smaller home as the centrepiece or can serve as an extra Christmas tree in your home. For example, in a larger home, a slim tree would be a stunning focal point in the entrance to your home or in your hall.  No matter where you decide to put the tree, it is sure to create the festive cheer you want to achieve. 

2. Available in a Variety of Sizes

Ranging from 6.5ft to 10ft, here at Rathwood we have an array of sizes to choose from. As a slim Christmas tree gets taller, there is a minimal increase in the width of the tree, hence, allowing you to enjoy a larger tree without sacrificing any more space in your room. 

3. Easily Decorated

The compact design of a slim artificial Christmas tree allows you to arrange your treasured ornaments and decorations with great ease and will showcase each decoration beautifully. 

4. Durability

 A slim artificial Christmas tree is every bit as strong as a full-bodied tree. The attention to detail and quality of our Slim Scots artificial Christmas tree range is outstanding and is one of our best sellers.

5. Efficient

A slim artificial Christmas tree will take no time to assemble and decorate and when the time comes to take it down, dismantling is so quick and easy. 

When decorating a slim artificial Christmas tree it is important to create a balanced look. Decorating a slim tree the same as you would a full-bodied tree won't create the same effect. Using too many decorations or decorations that are too big for its slim body will make the tree look unbalanced. Follow these tips to create a stunning slim centrepiece:

  • Use smaller decorations at the top and leave the larger ones for the bottom to create a proportional look on your slim Christmas tree.  
  • Leave enough space between decorations to let the foliage stand out to create a fuller look.
  • Mix different textures and shapes to help create a fuller look on your slim centrepiece.

Slim artificial trees offer a striking silhouette to decorate so make sure and make the most of this unique shape for you and your family to display your treasured ornaments on!

Our Slim Scots Pine range comes in sizes 6.5ft, 7.5ft, 8.5ft and 10ft and is one of our best selling ranges. Our customers have bought this tree as an extra tree for their home or as their statement piece in their living room when space is limited. The true to life appearance of this artificial tree is exquisite due to its realistic light brown stems and natural look needles. Its tall slender shape will look elegant in any home and is perfect for those who are confined for space or need more festive cheer in their spacious home.

Our Frosted Alaskan range comes in 7ft & 8ft. This tree is narrower than your average tree but slightly wider than our Slim Scots Pine range. Its lightly frosted branches create a winter wonderland image which will accentuate any colour scheme. This tree is ideal for those who are confined for space but are afraid a slim tree will look a tiny bit lost in the room.


October 31, 2023 — Chisom Onwukwe

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