A recent survey conducted for a women’s magazine in the UK highlighted the discrepancies between men and women when it came to sharing food.  While some 70 percent of women said they would share food while out dining, only 47 percent of men said the same. 

This percentage would appear be borne out by the popular American sitcom - Friends. In this series, Joey the playboy is generous and kind to his women – except when it comes to sharing food. In more than one explosive episode woe betide any woman that dared to snatch a morsel off his plate. It was a crime worse than eating crisps in bed.

Perhaps the reason why sharing food comes more naturally to women is that female boundaries are far less trenchant than male. In nature the male of the species often lays out his boundary with zealous determination.  Females seem to find it easier to move across territories.

Or is it that home making is often the preserve of women and there is nothing that teaches you more about sharing than trying to feed a family every night. Not sure here but it might be relevant.

Perhaps it might be down to the size of the cakes in Rathwood – they are very easy to share!

Or is it that women would rather share a slice of cake rather than eat the whole wedge. It’s not just about calories, it’s about the lovely breaking of bread and sharing of yummy goodness.  If you love your cake then it is better to have your friend share the taste. It’s about cake love J

So here at Rathwood we have a super offer for friends – male or female, joey or not – where you can buy a slice of one of our super delicious cakes to share and have two Barista style coffees for just €8.50. Two spoons please!

October 30, 2023 — Chisom Onwukwe

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