1. First Impressions are Everything!

Find a creative way to enhance your front garden. Remember this is the first thing people will see and the first thing you see when you return home. It is important that it is inviting and eye-catching.

Here are some tips from our horticulturist Nicola:

Include lighting all the way to the front door

Incorporate plants and flowers that match the colour scheme of your front door

Add seasonal containers for a splash of vibrant colour

2. Focal Points

We all know sheds and storage boxes are necessities in most gardens and are something you will look at everyday so why not spruce them up and make them appealing on the eye. Re vamp an old sculpture or clear out an old shed and make it an outdoor dining room!

3. Include a Hangout Area

Create a space where you can enjoy time with friends and family or simply relax with a good book and a cup of coffee.

Here are some tips:

Set up a weatherproof speaker system so you can enjoy music outside, whatever the occasion!

Include lighting to create a warm and relaxing atmosphere.

Design this area in similar ways to an interior room, perhaps continue with a theme that is in your house

Include an outdoor fire pit or fireplace

Build a small secluded building which is inviting

4. Use Shrubs to add Versatility to the Garden

At Rathwood, Nicola recommends you use shrubs to add versatility, layering and colour to your garden. Shrubs such as Buxus and rhododendrons will add texture and colour to your garden.  

5. Grow a Perennial Meadow

Designers have been experimenting with this since 2018 and the trend is set to continue into 2019. A perennial meadow will add consistency and colour to your garden. This will take time to develop but it will be rewarding watching it grow and will take very little maintenance. We have a huge variety of perennial plants in our garden centre. Why not pop in and ask Nicola for some advice! 

6. Invest in Garden Furniture

You want to be comfortable while enjoying time in your garden so invest in some high-end garden furniture. At Rathwood, we have a huge selection of outdoor sets ranging from rattan to cast aluminium. These sets are weatherproof and require little to no maintenance, ideal really! Whether it is a bistro set for a private secluded area or a dining set for a patio area we have it all. Why not shop the collection now or call one of our staff members who will be more than happy to help with your query. 

7. Low Walls

Low walls create an attractive division in a garden space and can separate a lawn and planted area with style. Low walls also cater for extra seating space while you are enjoying time in the garden.

8. Little to No Maintenance

Less mess equals less stress. If you have too much going on in your garden it can be overwhelming and unmanageable. Keep it nice and simple and a hobby you enjoy. Use perennial plants that will come back each year and group them together. Here at Rathwood we have a variety of perennial plants that you can choose from and Nicola will be happy to help with all your queries.

9. Upcycle in the Garden

Continued from 2018, upcycling creates character and a quirky style in your garden. Paint an old wheelbarrow and fill with vibrant coloured plants for example. Reuse unwanted enamel kitchenware and turn into planted pots or hanging baskets with a unique twist.

10. Use Lighting to Highlight Prominent Features

Create a prominent feature in your garden by using selected lighting on the chosen area. For example, light up a small rose garden to draw the eye or dim lighting over a seating area to create a relaxed mood. 

October 31, 2023 — Chisom Onwukwe

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