As we are slowly coming to the end of the wintery months and into the longer days and warmer weather everyone is looking forward to spending time in their outdoor spaces. This guide will highlight all the key trends that you need to explore and incorporate into your outdoor space.

Vibrant colours

This is a bursting trend that we are loving in this year as the pastel and vibrant colours make us so excited for summer. These tones are playful, friendly and welcoming and including these in your outdoor space will spruce up any place.

Natural and neutral  tones

In order to chill out comfortably in the garden,  comfortable garden cushions, seat pads and blankets should be placed in your spaces. The use of subtle tones, natural tones and fabrics is a popular trends. Colours such as beige, grey, anthracite and ivory will look well in your garden as well as providing it with a living room feel.


This is an increasingly important trend and topic in our world today as we can see the increasing effects of our carbon footprint of the environment. Repurposed garden furniture which is given another life is highly demanded by consumers today. Recycled and natural materials such as wood and linen will be more prevalent in garden furniture. All our garden furniture at Rathwood is made of high quality materials and is manufactured responsibly.

Round and oval shaped furniture

This is another trend for 2022 as it creates an friendly and open atmosphere and promote conversations around the table. At tables with round and oval shapes, everyone can communicate easily with each other. It also opens up your garden and is ideal for people who host small groups or large groups of people as it suits nearly every space.

Functional living

This is essentially extending your indoor space outside to what we call ‘outdoor rooms’. As many people spent and are still spending time outdoors due to the pandemic there is now a focus on our outdoor spaces through the use of ‘indoor and outdoor furniture’ such as rattan dining sets and al fresco dining spaces such as firepits.

October 31, 2023 — Chisom Onwukwe

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