Rattan garden furniture, particularly resin wicker garden furniture, has been in increasing demand at the Rathwood Furniture Store in the past few years. There are many reasons why rattan garden furniture has become such a popular choice in Ireland:

-Contemporary Styles

While natural wicker garden furniture might be seen as a bit dated or not suit everybody’s taste, there are many stylish and contemporary options these days, manufactured from top quality, high grade artificial wicker. This new wave of quality rattan garden furniture combines sleek modern looks with comfort; while pieces range from classy dining sets to garden sofas, rattan cubes and armchairs. As opposed to classic natural wicker, resin wicker furniture comes in many different colours, a big plus for those looking to achieve a particular design or look for their garden or sun room.

-Weather Proof

High grade rattan furniture can be used in all weathers making it an ideal material for the unreliable Irish climate. Resin weave rattan garden furniture is both waterproof and UV resistant, so colour doesn’t fade easily when exposed to the sun light (not that we need to worry about those problems too much!).

-Strong and Versatile

Rattan garden furniture is extremely strong and durable. Because they tend to have aluminium frames they are also very light and can be easily moved around the garden or indoors.

Resin wicker and rattan garden furniture sets in modern funky shapes and designs have also become a popular choice for indoor spaces, such as bright lounges, sun rooms and conservatories.

-Easy to Clean

Rattan garden furniture can be just wiped clean so it requires very low maintenance. Just a damp cloth with a bit of soapy water will be enough to keep your wicker furniture set neat and tidy.

-A touch of Colour

Many rattan garden furniture sets come with detachable seat pads you can just store away for the winter months or rainy days. Matching and combining colours for seat pads and cushions will allow you to give your patio, garden or conservatory a personal style or touch.

Overall, rattan garden furniture combines contemporary style, comfort and durability with very little maintenance effort and fuss; making them a perfect buy for Irish gardens.

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October 30, 2023 — Chisom Onwukwe

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