Green Basics Rainbarrel (Black)

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A rainy day suddenly becomes less of a problem with our green basics rainbarrel! With its 200 liter capacity you can now collect and reuse lots of rainwater for watering your plants, as drinking water for your pets or for washing your windows. To make it even more environmentally friendly, our green basics rainbarrel is made of recycled plastic and uses energy from our own windmill. A win-win situation! Our green basics rainbarrel can be easily connected to a drainpipe using a diverter (not included). The rainbarrel fills up automatically during a shower. When it’s full it will simply let the surplus water out through the drainage. The tap is positioned at an ideal height, making it easy to place a watering can underneath. So you do not need a stand or an elevation. Do not forget to open the tap when it’s freezing! On the top of this rain barrel is a special planter. Brighten up the rainbarrel with flowers or plants and make this green basics rainbarrel an instant eye-catcher in your garden!

1 x Rain Barrel

Product Features:

  • Created with nature in mind, made with own wind energy, 100% recyclable
  • 200-litre capacity
  • Fits on every round drainpipe. Filling machine is not included
  • Rain Barrel Dimensions: Diameter: 61cm x Height: 106cm