Starter unkillable plant Set (well almost)

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About this set
Everybody’s plant journey starts somewhere. Make your first steps easy with these very low-maintenance plants. They’re all from our (Almost) Unkillable range, which are exactly as tough as you’d imagine.

They can all live in almost any light conditions, even in very shady spots. They like to be watered when the top two inches of their soil is dry, but they’ll barely notice if you forget for a while. They make great gifts too, for anybody especially a hopeless beginner plant parent.

Humidity: This plant will appreciate regular misting to keep their leaves moist. Snake plant won’t need it. It’s very chill.

Light: They are fine in any light conditions, aside from direct sun. They are also great choices for shady rooms.

Water: Try to give them a drink when the top two inches of soil feel dry, but they can cope without water for weeks.

Peace lilly pot 17cm Snake plant pot 13 cm Devils ivy pot 15cm