RW Fuel FAQ's


Our E-Briquettes are sustainably made from excess wood particals collected during the cutting process. They are then compacted into easy to use logs.

We make use of surplus sawdust which is subsequently repurposed for the production of wood briquettes.

Kiln-dried wood is wood that has undergone a controlled drying process within thermally insulated chambers to reduce its moisture content. The goal of this drying procedure is to eliminate excess moisture from the wood.

The outcome is that kiln-dried firewood offers superior efficiency and cleaner burning, making it a superior choice compared to seasoned wood when used in wood-burning appliances.

  • Choose a well-ventilated storage area.
  • Use a covered firewood shed or store it under a waterproof tarp or cover to shield it from rain and snow.
  • Keep the firewood away from direct contact with walls to allow air circulation.
  • Rotate the firewood, using older wood first, to maintain freshness and dryness.
  • Keep the storage area clean and well-organized for easy access and maintenance.

Orders & Delivery

You can place your order online or contact our freindly customer support team to help you take your order over the phone.

Contact Us

You have the flexibility to modify your order within the initial 48hrs or before it advances to the fulfillment stage. We highly advise reaching out to our customer service team promptly to facilitate any necessary alterations to your order prior to the fulfillment and delivery process.

Please note that no adjustments to the order can be accommodated after fulfillment has commenced.
Contact or email us for more detail (Tel: 059 91 56285 | Email:

Our trolley delivery service by the Rathwood Fleet and pallet delivery are available.
In contrast, pallet delivery is reserved for all pallet orders or orders sold as a pallet.

Most of our RW Fuel products are sent through the pallet network. For more info please click here

Pallet Delivery is reserved for all pallet orders or orders sold as a pallet and is managed with a large truck of up to 45ft size trailer and pallet truck to manoeuvre the pallet.

Orders delivered as Pallet Delivery are delivered to your address but will not be stored for you. We may also reference Pallet Delivery as kerbside delivery.

The Pallet Delivery is designed for large and heavy orders that often require transportation in heavy trucks and can arrive with trucks with 45ft size trailers.

The process looks simple in theory but can quickly turn into a disappointment if there is limited access to the property or don’t have solid flat concrete or tarmac to operate the pallet truck to move the pallet to the final destination. To speak about your delivery requirements, please contact our customer team, using the chat button at the bottom of this page.

  • Drop-off Location: Kerbside delivery involves the delivery of items to the curb or the nearest accessible point to your residence or destination. The delivery personnel will not enter your home or premises.
  • Customer Responsibility: Customers are responsible for moving and handling the delivered items from the curb to their desired location, including inside their home or property.
  • Common for Large Items: Kerbside delivery is commonly used for larger and heavier items where the delivery company provides the item to the curb.

Our current lead time for home delivery is up to 3 - 5 Working Days.