Mothers day is just around the corner, show your appreciation with something more personalised for the special woman in your life. Whether your mother loves to trap family memories, enjoys pottering around in the garden or appreciates the tranquillity of relaxing in the garden, we have it all and we have you covered!

Gift your mother a cherished moment to have forever with timeless photo frames. This year opt for something more meaningful to remind your mother about the love shared within the family. With our wide range of photo frame sizes and styles, choose a moment that will bring your mum joy each day! Whether your mum prefers the classic look like our RM Spezia Photo Frame, or a more modern take like the Cordoba Photo Frame Rectangular.

Every mum deserves a spot of peace to unwind and relax, create a calm space in the garden for your mum to escape the hustle and bustle. A sun lounger like the Cuba - Sun Lounger (Grey) where your mum can throw herself into a good book and distract herself with the calming greenery and sounds from the garden. Invest in garden furniture to create the perfect sanctuary for your mum in her own garden for mother’s day.


Does your mum love her flowers and plants throughout the house and garden? Well this mother’s day treat your mum to new garden pots. At Rathwood we provide an array of shapes, colours and sizes to suit your mum’s gardening tastes. Create a pop of colour around the house in time for spring with the Glazed Pot - Barcelona Celadon - D14cm or a classic pot for the garden like Nature Tapered Rib Planter NL (Dark Grey) 

February 19, 2024 — Rose O'kelly

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