C I N D E R E L L A  T E A  P A R T Y

by Kellie Kearney, award winning blogger with My Little babog blog.

The guys at Rathwood invited us back to give the Cinderella Tea Party a whirl yesterday and lads it was BRILLIANT! From painting glass slippers to helping Prince Charming find Cinderella on the Rathwood Express to afternoon tea with the Princess herself. 

It rained cats and dogs and from what I saw all the kids aboard weren't bothered by it at all. The cast couldn't have done more for them and shared their time equally between the carriages and at each of the tables back at the Tea Party. And it lasted the full hour this time round too.

This popular trains runs until the first weekend in April and costs €12 per child and €4 per adult

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October 30, 2023 — Chisom Onwukwe

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