Come visit the restaurant and see what fabulous organic vegetables we are cooking with this month.

Rainbow Chard, red radishes, rhubarb and rocket

Scallions, spinach, baby white turnips, butternut squash and round courgettes

Multi coloured carrots. mini cucumbers, fennel and kohlrabi. 

The Story behind our organic vegetables

Denis Healy, owner of Organic Delights and well known for his International family, first set up the farm back in 1981 and was officially  certified as organic in 1984. His landholding includes seven acres of vegetables and 22 tunnels. Healy prefers to grow the unusual and the extraordinary vegetables which he then sells mostly in markets in Dublin and across Leinster.

Jimmy Schoeb, Head Chef with Rathwood, visited Organic Delights to get a firsthand experience of the popular organic farm.

‘What I particularly like about the organic vegetables available from Organic Delights is the sheer range and variety – it is far beyond your average organic or even regular farm,’ says Schoeb. ‘For example this month we are buying blue Ballet pumpkins and making them into a really interesting curried pumpkin and sesame seed soup. The taste and texture is second to none.’

Each week, Healy sends over a list of the ripe, organic vegetables for Schoeb to select.  ‘It challenges me to produce unusual  vegetables,’ says Healy. ‘For example we also grow a very popular potato – the pink Fir Apple potato – or the popular Little Gem and Delicata Squashs. We find people love trying new vegetables and creating interesting dishes through innovative and different tastes, colour and textures.’

Schoeb agrees. ‘I love the challenge of preparing a menu based around new produce – our blue pumpkins are going down a treat with our customers.’

For more information on Organic Delights, please visit

October 30, 2023 — Chisom Onwukwe

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