As the weather is starting to pick up at this time of the year, this is the best time to see family and friends during the well deserved break. Outdoor and indoor activities can be planned now and this weather keeps us hopeful for the summer season.

 At Rathwood, we have organised an amazing easter egg hunt event for kids of all ages. This easter egg hunt is filled with tons of fun as the easter bunny has a few tricks up his sleeves and we won’t just be looking for eggs this year. This easter experience is an action packed musical full of dance and songs that is bursting with colour, joy and laughter. These can be booked from this link below:

Tasty easter treats

Keep the kids busy with some of these fun and tasty treats during the easter holiday. These treats are sure to keep your little bunnies busy. A lot of them are no bake trreats as well which makes it safer for young ones.

Easter brownie

These can be made simply by using an easy to make box or you can get technical and follow a step by step traditional recipe. This brownie can be topped with delicious things such as bunny marshmallows and lots of bright coloured sprinkles.

Easter rocky road slice

This classic household favourite can be jazzed up by following the traditional recipe then adding in mini eggs, sprinkles or bunny shaped treats to the mix. 


Easter is a fabulous time to host and have family over for dinner parties or BBQ's. With restrictions being relaxed everyone can now enjoy close family gatherings with utmost care. Communions, garden parties and confirmations can also be had at home in your outdoor spaces. At Rathwood, we have various types of BBQ's, grills and garden furniture sets in stock which you can use to host and entertain your guests. 


Simple garden projects such as watering plants, clearing out weeds and even planting herbs and spices is an excellent way to give kids a step into the gardening world. This can be done by giving them a section in the garden to plant their own fruit, vegetables of flowers. Purchasing their own gardening tools like spades, shovels, gloves and rakes will also keep their tiny hands focused on getting a lovely job done in the garden.  

October 31, 2023 — Chisom Onwukwe

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