Here are the main points for potting plants:

 1. Choose a suitable container that will neatly hold the plants that you wish to include in your arrangement.

2. Add a layer of small stones to the bottom of the container for drainage purposes. If the arrangement is over-watered for any reason, the water will drain through to the stones and will not clog the soil.

3.  On top of the stones, place a few handfuls of good quality, House Plant compost. Using your fingers, remove any large lumps in the soil. Shake slightly to level the soil.

4. Starting at the back of the container, begin by placing the largest plant in the soil. Press the soil around the plant, covering the roots entirely.

5. Keep filling the container from the back to the front, using the smallest plants at the front, until your arrangement is complete. Add more compost if necessary to fill any gaps.

October 31, 2023 — Chisom Onwukwe

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