Let’s face it, we live in a country where the sun is not very often seen which results in our natural skin colour being a pasty white. And everyone can benefit from a tan. But how can we achieve a natural glow for that special occasion or when heading off on holiday?  The answer was once to hop on a sunbed but these are now recognised as being dangerous. Another option is to apply home creams but these can often result in a blotchy finish. And sometimes even the celebrities get his wrong. Anyone remember the start of RTE’s Dancing with the Stars when comedian Hughie Maughan’s dark brown face made an appearance at the first dance? Later he laughed it off saying he had applied leg tan instead of face tan but either way his rather brown face trended on Twitter the night the show opened.

The best solution is to book a professional spray tan that can be done in minutes and last days. At The Beauty Boutique we use the amazing Bellamianta spray tan which contains an active ingredient called DHA which once in contact with skin turns brown.

Bellamianta tanning products contain one of the highest, premium grade DHA’s. This luxury DHA is added to formulas which are bursting with natural fruit extracts such as Mango, Papaya and Goji Berry which work with the skins natural melanin to provide our signature golden tone.

We know you will love our spray tan, But before you make that booking here’s what you need to know and do in advance!


Bellamiantas sumptuous formulas are filled with natural moisturisers making it suitable for dry irritated skin. But to ensure the perfect tan before you arrive at our salon ensure you have exfoliated your body in advance.

 It is advisable to ensure that any rough skin is also removed, making sure areas such as elbows or knees are free from rough or uneven skin. Apply body lotion all over for a few days prior to your tan, but do not apply any lotion on the day of your tan.

For hair removal please wax 48 hours before your tan, if shaving 24 hours is sufficient


When you arrive at the salon, we will bring you into the treatment room and advise you to remove all clothing and we will provide disposable underwear and a cap to protect your hair.

Also remove all jewellery and wear no makeup, especially if you would like us to apply tan to your face. We recommend you avoid using deodorant or any lotions on the body on the day of your tan.

We will then ask you to stand in different poses as we apply the spray. It can be a little cool but not unpleasant. The spraying should only take approximately fifteen minutes.

We will give you some homecare advice on how to look after your Bellamianta tan and leave you to allow the tan to dry for a few minutes.

Afterwards, dress in loose clothing and flip flops so as not to rub off any of the spray.


While your tan is developing avoid touching it or getting it wet to ensure it develops perfectly!

We recommend you allow the tan 8 hours to develop and to then have your shower and apply plenty of body lotion – Our tan is enriched with Pentavitin®, which hydrates the skin from within,but the more you moisturise your skin after your tan the longer it will last and the better it will fade!

If you are going to a party then enjoy the golden olive tone provided by your Bellamianta tan. If, however, you are heading off on holiday remember that your tan is fake and will not protect you from sun damage so remember to apply suncream at all times.


October 30, 2023 — Chisom Onwukwe

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