It is that time of the year everyone has been looking forward to when you all curl up on your sofa at 9pm and watch Love Island. The style of the Love Island garden is minimal with a pop of colour which is always a good go to style for a summer garden. Here are some essentials we have put together for the ultimate love island garden:

Fire pit

This is a key component of the love island garden so naturally it needs to be included. This is where most of the drama and the juicy conversations takes place. It is the heart of your garden which is why people are always drawn to sitting around it.


This is important for creating an atmospheric and modern garden as lights can be hung on the fences of your garden, on your plants, trees or wherever you want.

Corner sets and bistro tables

These are spaces where everyone can gather for the craic or where people can sneak off to have chats. At Rathwood, there are different types of corner sets to choose from which has flat weaves, rounded or half rounded weaves which may have firepit tables or ice buckets depending on your preference.

Lighting and colour

Fairy lights, LED lights, lanterns and as much lighting as possible should be added to your space as they look gorgeous in the evening time. Coloured and patterned cushions would create a relaxed and vibrant look in your garden as well as making it cosy.

October 31, 2023 — Chisom Onwukwe

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