The key to keeping small living roomslooking smart and uncluttered is by choosing very wisely when purchasing and arranging your living room furniture. It is essential that you avoid large or oversized pieces when decorating rooms with limited space because they will make your living room feel much smaller than it actually is and will probably look out of place too!

The two largest pieces you are most likely to need for your living room are cabinets or bookcases and, inevitably, a sofa.

-2 seater sofa

A 2 seater sofa is the best choice of sofa size for compact living rooms, where furniture needs to be distributed cleverly to make most of the limited space.

A few years back, every living room in the country seemed to include a ‘de-rigueur’ 3-piece sofa set, regardless of the size of the room, with dire effects. We could claim every living room needs plenty of seating space but there are many creative and funky seating alternatives to the space-intensive 3-piece option.

For example, 2 seater leather sofas add not just comfort but also a touch of vintage style and can be combined with an old-school leather chair or armchair. Other alternative seating options could be low stools or even oversize scattered cushions that can be stored away when not needed.

-Clever shelving

As for cabinets, shelves and bookcases, forget about oversized and spacious cabinets with glazed displays, go instead for sizes that can fit in nicely in the room without taking much space and that can blend into the room – choose tall bookcases over wide ones for example – or be inventive with your shelving options.


Go for a nice lamp table or compact coffee table that you would place next to your 2 seater sofa, instead of a large coffee table that will take most of the space in the middle of your living room. It will give your living room a more spacious feel.

-Less is more

If you have a small living room, always bear in mind ‘less is more’. Minimal but elegant furniture pieces such as a pretty 2 seater sofa and a tall think bookcase will make your living room look smart, neat and airy. Cramming large furniture pieces will only make it feel smaller and cluttered, no matter how good the quality of your furniture.

-Some inspiration

At Rathwood Furniture, we have sofas in many sizes, including a stunning range of 2 seater leather sofas from Halo, handcrafted by furniture masters in top quality wood and the finest leather. Each of Halo’s leather sofas are hand finished and many hours are involved in the making of this individual and unique pieces.

These are two of our latest arrivals, two stunning 2 seater leather sofas for those in need of inspiration. They are both suitable for modern or traditional-style homes:

The Franklin 2 seater sofa with hand studded detail, rolled arms and classic high back.

The Chelsea 2 seater sofa has a classic style, featuring shaped arms, plump cushions and piping detail.

Looking for inspiration or need more information on 2 seater leather sofas? Visit our beautiful showrooms or contact the Rathwood Furniture team by email or by phone on (+353) 0599156285

October 30, 2023 — Chisom Onwukwe

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