Want to enjoy a better work life balance? Then be prepared to fit Me Time into your life. Studies show that making time for yourself has big benefits including better wellbeing, becoming more productive at work and creating better relationships.  

We know everyone faces a range of stressful responsibilities perhaps including a job, looking after small children or difficult teenagers and maintaining a positive relationship with a partner. And then throw finance, housework, shopping and cooking into the mix. How on earth can anyone find time for themselves?  

Well the first rule of Me Time to make time. No arguments or excuses. You have to pay the energy bill without fail unless you want to be without power, so too with Me Time. It is time to pay that bill.

Depending on how much time you can allocate to your Me Time here are some ideas that might float your boat. Start small and build big – you and your loved ones, and even your employer, will all benefit from a you that has plenty of Me Time.

1. Turn off your phone.

Sit down and just allow yourself to switch off for 20 minutes. Try not to think too much and just focus on your breathing or the sounds around you instead of the constant phone ringing and social media updates.

2. Put on music

Something thoughtful and gentle, maybe not AC/DC for this purpose. Lie down on the couch. Take off your shoes. Relax and enjoy the music.

3. Go for a walk

If you can find a park or someplace green, fabulous. If you can’t then a city walk is good too. Stop and listen to bird song, which can often be more fabulous in a cityscape.

4. Have a bath

Light candles, put on music, make sure no one will disturb you. Put some nice oils and bubble bath in and your skin will be lovely afterwards (even you men following this blog!).

5. Breathe

This is a goodie and can done anywhere. Sit still, close your eyes and breathe deeply. Inhale, exhale. Slowly. Repeat.

6. Call your Mam

Or a friend. Chat. Don’t have an agenda. Ask them how they are. Tell them how you are. Enjoy catching up.

7. Read a book

Remember back in the day before you spent all your time on social media when you read books? Well, pick up one from your shelf (maybe you have to buy one first) and read a chapter. Just one chapter every day.

8. Exercise

This can be a great way to relieve any stress and help you feel great! When we exercise the body releases chemicals called endorphins which will trigger a positive feeling in the body. Find something you enjoy – the gym, team sports, dancing, running. 

9. Pamper Yourself

Give yourself a mini facial, exfoliate and moisturise your body, or just paint your nails.

Something small that will make you feel great!

10. Pamper Yourself at Rathwood

And if you are really feeling like pampering yourself why not book a massage and float away for an hour in blissful indulgence.


Happy Me time!

October 30, 2023 — Chisom Onwukwe

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