Pancake Tuesday or Shrove Tuesday

Pancake Tuesday this year falls on Tuesday February 28. Its formal church name is Shrove Tuesday. This comes from the word Shrive which means to obtain absolution form sins through penance. As we stand at the brink of Lent we are encouraged to refrain from all kinds of luxuries during the weeks leading up to Easter. 

The concept of making pancakes on the cusp of Lent was to use up all rich food stuffs that might still be in the larder in preparation for the deprivations of Lent.

Tuesday is a school/work day and trying to make panckes for breakfast can be tough. So why not use the simplest recipe around. 

  • One Cup of Self Raising Flour
  • One Cup of Milk
  • One large Egg

Mix the batter until smooth. Fold in blueberries if available. Fry on a hot pan one at a time, using a fish slice to move the cooked pancake to a plate to the side.

Repeat until you have enough and then serve with more berries and sour cream.


October 30, 2023 — Chisom Onwukwe

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