Perks of choosing rattan for garden furniture


When it comes to purchasing garden furniture, rattan furniture is the most popular. There are various reasons why rattan is the most suitable as it is durable, easy to clean and on trend. There are two types of rattan which are synthetic and natural.


Synthetic is the best option as it is more flexible and suitable for outdoor and indoor furniture. Other benefits of synthetic rattan include low maintenance as it can be kept clean using warm soapy water and versatility as the natural look mixes well in an outdoor and indoor setting. Synthetic rattan is fit for all weather types. This rattan when kept properly can last up to ten years and show little signs of wear and tear such as fading.


Rattan furniture is well known to be long lasting and strong. It is important for one to invest in a cover to protect the furniture against weather elements and general wear and tear.


Rattan is also modern as it gives an area an elevated and sophisticated look. It adds a touch of flair and style. All our rattan sets come with cushions for added comfort. Cushion covers can also be changed to vibrant colours in the spring or summer for an extra pop of colour. Our rattan furniture colours come in a variety  of colours to suit your garden, from grey, brown, to natural colours.


Finally, a major perks with rattan for garden furniture is how light it is, it can be brought into the sunroom or outside on a sunny day. They are a statement pieces for garden furniture as they provide the area with a classic, sleek and modern look. Check out the different types of rattan furniture we have here at Rathwood.

October 31, 2023 — Chisom Onwukwe

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