1. Prep the garden for spring and summertime


Begin to shear and trim the plants so that they can thrive in their peak season. Together you can clean up the build-up of leaves that may have dispersed throughout the garden over the winter months.

 Catch up with one another and take turns edging the grass to make the garden appear perfectly trimmed for the spring months.

 The fresh air will help to switch off and to completely appreciate the day spent with loved ones. Whilst productively cleaning up the garden.

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  1. Prepare a lunch in the garden


Choose an assortment of foods loved by your mum and cook them up for a lovely lunch in the garden.  Enjoy some quality time around the table with you mum in the refreshing sunshine in the comfort of your own garden.

 Include some sweet treats along with hot drinks to ensure she gets everything she could want. Whether you baked or picked up some of her favourite treats , make sure you have her top picks for the day.


  1. Company can be enough


Sometimes it’s nice not to chat and the presence of each other’s company is enough. Lounging while picking up a book or listening to podcasts in the garden sun will increase relaxation levels due to the fresh air.

Instead of doing something you would usually do alone , do it together for mother’s day.

Make sure to wear some layers as it is only march however the fresh air will be worth it !

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  1. Get planting


Make a trip to the garden centre and pick up some new plants , trees or even plant pots. Update the garden for spring and spend the day with your mum planting your new additions.

Get rid of those empty areas of soil in the garden and fill them with a new tree or colourful flower. Bring some additional brightness to the garden and make some traditions in the garden this Mother’s Day.

March 06, 2024 — Rose O'kelly

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