Purchasing a firepit or patio heater will allow you make the most of the long summer nights. They provide an outdoor space with a welcoming aura as well as keeping you warm. There are various options available when it comes to outdoor heating such as firepits, gas and electric heating.

Gas heaters are mobile which makes it a big plus in the outdoor environment as they can be moved around. This mobility makes them more practical and suited for outdoors. Gas is also relatively affordable.  Gas heaters can also heat up a wide range of areas which is perfect for an outdoor space.

At Rathwood, we have various options when it comes to gas heaters. The outdoor gas patio heater comes in two styles which are the Q9 and Q10. These patio heaters use manual gas controls and are a staple piece in an outdoor space.

Firepits are also a great addition to an outdoor garden space as they create a homely aesthetic as well as warmth and comfort. They are usually fuelled by wood and require little to no maintenance. These firepits can also be used for game nights as people can make s’mores and have snacks while chilling out in this warm and cosy environment..  Firepits can also be used all year round especially coming up to the autumn and winter time. We also have the various firepits such as the Fire Ball Laser Cut Leaves which gives a rustic look to an environment. It is an excellent addition and is great for when we can all get together again

October 31, 2023 — Chisom Onwukwe

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