For the fifth year in a row, the Active Retirement organisation from Tullow have held their annual BBQ at Rathwood. The group boasts more than 200 members and almost half of them attend the annual event.

Chairperson Carmel Dawson is delighted with the reception the group receives at Rathwood. 'I cannot praise Jimmy and his team enough,' she says. 'The venue is perfect, the food fabulous and staff are very attentive and helpful.

'We have also been terribly lucky with the weather each year which is a bonus.'

The BBQ costs €11.50 per head and includes a burger, chicken, sausages as well as a range of salads. 'There are at least five or six different salads to choose from,' says Carmel. 'And to finish off we enjoy a slice of Rathwood's famous carrot cake.'

Rathwood's head chef Jimmy Schoeb, welcomes the group. 'We love to have the Tullow Active Retirement group here every year,' he says. 'Many of the members are customers in their own right and we enjoy seeing them as a group.'

As the numbers are large Rathwood operates a bring-your-own-bottle facility without any corkage. 'We set up a bar area where they can help themselves,'  he says. 'We also provide cordial for the tables too. Each year it is a great event.'

Carmel agrees .'We could not think of anywhere nicer to have our BBQ than at Rathwood,' she says.

For groups wanted to book Rathwood please contact for more details and pricing options.

October 30, 2023 — Chisom Onwukwe

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