Welcome to the all new Pirate Adventure at Rathwood!

With great excitement, Rathwood is proud to introduce the all new Pirate Adventure at Rathwood for this Halloween.

Tickets go on sale on AUGUST 22nd for this new adventure

Jump about the Rathwood Pirate Train to meet Jack Crowe, your sturdy guide through the scary land of the pirates.

Together with Penelope Sail, these trusty good pirates will steer the Rathwood train and all who ride onboard safely into the dangerous woods...

Everyone must keep an eye out for the evil Captain Hook - but don't worry because Jack and Penelope will be on hand. And are you brave enough to seek for Captain Red Beard's shipwreck to see if you can find the missing treasure?

Will you find the missing treasure?

Will you escape without being captured?

Hurrah! When you return with your treasure then it is time to find your pumpkin and carve a scary face for Halloween!

And live happily ever after!

October 30, 2023 — Chisom Onwukwe

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