Gardening is such a fun and wholesome activity that people of all ages enjoy. it teaches children invaluable lessons and has various benefits. The space that you have outdoors or indoors doesn’t matter as gardening can be done wherever.

Some of the best plants for kids to grow include sunflowers, tomatoes, strawberries etc. these plants will be easily recognisable by your kids. You could also plant a tree as this is an activity that most people enjoy as they can see their hard work blossoming day by day. It is also an excellent bonding activity.

Other activities that kids can participate in include but are not limited to weeding, watering, raking, deadheading as well as collecting ripe fruit and vegetables. These activities can keep these kids entertained and engaged as well as giving them little jobs that will help you.


This is an activity that is essential in the hot summer months as your plants and vegetables will need extra care from the little extra hands. The kids will enjoy this job as they will have their own watering can to do their job.


This can be done with a light rake as there are child friendly versions. Your child can learn how to rake leaves and pile them into a heap and transfer to a wheel barrow.

Plucking ripe fruit & vegetable

This is an excellent activity that will show kids how rewarding gardening is. It is important to teach them and show them the products of their efforts in the garden.

It is essential to note that although gardening can be fun children should not be left unsupervised in the garden with garden tools. Some seeds could also be toxic if they are consumed so it is important to cultivate a habit of handwashing after  being in the garden. Fruit, vegetable and herbs also need to be washed after they are picked to wash off any harmful pesticides or insects that could be on them.

October 31, 2023 — Chisom Onwukwe

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