Off we go to the Rathwood Teddy Bear Picnic. This is one of my favourite events at Rathwood. I went on this last year and my little girl loved it and the Teddy that they get to bring home is lovely especially for the price I was originally thinking it was going to be a very small little teddy bear. However it is a lovely full size fluffy one.

This adventure like all the other events in Rathwood consists of an activity, train ride and lots of fun. When we left home it was nice and sunny but then along the way it looked like we were heading into darkness. I was preparing for rain and an indoor picnic. Lone and behold we were getting close and the rain started. We parked up, hopped out and coats on as we went into Rathwood. The we headed in and checked in for the train and went to the waiting area. Obviously we had luck with us and it cleared up and the rain stopped just in time for Goldilocks to show up.

Time to set off and first stop is a visit to Mama Bear. We find out poor Baby Bear is lost. Queue Daddy Bear showing up and heading off in search of poor Baby Bear. While Daddy Bear is off looking for Baby Bear we are on our way to the Teddy Bear Factory to make our bears. The kids are given a bear and a pack of stuffing. They stuff their bear and then just Velcro him closed. My kids are only just 4 and 2. So the 4 year old did need a bit of help to push the stuffing up the arms and legs. She seemed to have fun though and Daddy made the 2 year olds for him.

Bears in arms we were off to the train with Mamma Bear to go off and see if Dada Bear had found Baby Bear. Then it was off to Goose Lake to feed the Geese. After feeding the Geese back we headed with Dada, Mama and Baby Bear to have a Picnic.

We were lucky the weather cleared up and when we got back the green area was laid out with Picnic blankets for everyone. If it does happen to be wet or raining the picnic is held indoors. Once back at the picnic area Goldilocks hands out paper bags full of goodies to the kids. You get a large cookie, apple and a juice. When the kids are eating there is a photo opportunity with the Bears and Goldilocks.

The ticket also includes a small tub of vanilla ice cream for the kids which you can get in the restaurant after the picnic. The only thing I would have like to have seen was a bit more stuffing for the bears. They do need a little more stiffness to them. Apart from that everything else was great.

Now for the price. Tickets are €6 for adults, €10 for children and 0 – 12 months are free. At the time of writing this you can also get a great deal on Groupon and Living Social. The Teddy Bear Picnic Train is running weekends in June, most days in July and weekends in August. You can keep an eye out for other events on their website or you can book the Teddy Bear train here.

Click here for the VIDEO

October 30, 2023 — Chisom Onwukwe

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